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939 Main Street circa 1912

939 Main Street circa 1912

The town of Honesdale traces its roots to the early 1820s when a group of local businessmen constructed a canal to transport coal from Carbondale, PA to Rondout, NY.  At that time, Honesdale was simply known as “Dyberry Forks” – a wilderness where the Dyberry Creek joins the Lackawaxen River.  

This building, like Honesdale, also has a rich history.  939 Main Street dates back to the late 1830’s when William Reed established an agricultural cooperative and general supply shop.  The cooperative was a meeting spot for local farmers and suppliers to exchange experiences and to connect with the community. MORE THAN 150 YEARS LATER the restaurant "Dyberry Forks" is nearly in its original form.  Most of the building’s features were restored or repurposed. 

Dyberry Forks remains about gathering folks together to share local food and new experiences – like William Reed’s cooperative.  Chef vandermeer continues the  “farm-to-fork” dining experience, purveying meats, produce, and cheeses  from THE LOCAL FARMERS AND ARTISANS in Wayne County . 

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